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Riser recliner chairs with two or more motors - seat width 50cm and below

Riser recliners with two motors use one motor for the leg rest and one for the backrest, so the backrest and leg rest can be operated independently of each other. Once the seat back is in an upright position these chairs can also assist a person to standing by lifting up the seat and tilting the chair forward. Some models have three or more motors but these tend to be chairs for heavy duty use. These riser recliners may be suitable for users who need to rest during the day as they can assume a rest position without transferring out of the chair. Where possible people should be encouraged to sleep in a bed when resting for a significant length of time, as this is more beneficial to their health. However, if this is not possible a chair that fully reclines to the horizontal position is preferable to a conventional chair. There is the potential danger of entrapment for children and pets when some models of powered lift and recline chairs are in use. Some powered models have features to minimise the risk of entrapment, for example a key that can be removed when the chair is not in use, removable handsets or sensors which stop the movement of the chair when an obstacle is detected.

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